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Notes of a Former "Catfishing" Ass Ho...

5.14.2018 2:26am So, I am not really here to participate in the new CrushSpot. I'm only here because when I heard CrushSpot was back I started reminiscing about the year I spent pretending to be someone else (with my insecure, low self esteem having ass). Though it was fucked up, I still had fond memories of this site and the people I met on it.

Memories like spending hours on the phone listening to and singing the "Rent" soundtrack with Fern, the time I decided it would be fun to use my basic ass PhotoShop skills to make all the CrushSpot niggas into women, and finessing niggas into writing (not) my name on their bodies.

Anyway, Fern, though that wasn't me in the pictures, you were still a friend to me during a dark ass time in my life, and I really appreciate that.

Have fun on here ya'll.

Oh, and to anyone insecure enough to consider "Catfishing" in 2018, please just hop your ass on SnapChat, turn on a filter, find yourself a good angle, and post that shit. Yeah, everybody knows you ain't a damn bunny, but it's better than spending time hiding behind someone else's image and further damaging your own self esteem. I promise you don't look nearly as bad as you think you do.