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4.08.2018 9:17pm
So let's break the Ice..

What has everybody been up to?

My life has been pretty good.. 2 beautiful kids.. married for 10 years this july and work as a Child Youth Worker (CYW) with students in highschool.

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4.20.2018 11:26am
Oh shit!!!

Got old. Managed to avoid jail (I was a fuhking savage back then). Got married. Had a daughter. Working for a Fortune 500 company (hahahahaha). Working on building my own company up.
4.20.2018 11:34am
Well a lot has changed over the years for me. Life’s drastic ups & downs. About 6+ years ago (around CS’s “lit days”) It was all so simple. My room, my laptop, no rent, college, being a kid then BOOM adulthood punched me dead in my fucking face.
Now I’m 25, living hours & states away from my family 😫, good job, crazy on & off relationship (I tend to make people love AND hate me at the same time somehow.)🤷🏽‍♀️, & what do you know?! My life is STILL a comedy/drama movie as it’s ALWAYS been.

I can barely even recognize anyone because everyone has either “glo’d up” or “old’d up” 😭
I’m just convinced everyone is NEW. I don’t remember any of y’alls faces.
“I don’t know y’all no mo’”
-Ms. Sophia voice
4.20.2018 2:31pm

Don't make any rational decisions before you talk to him. I don't believe coming back to crushspot is a way for him to "pick up girls " . I am married and decided to join to reconnect with old friends . I don't live in your shoes but one advice I can give you is never air out your partner or relationship on social fuels the fire and only gets worse .

Love u girl..if you need to talk message me

Love this!!!!
4.22.2018 5:34am
Full time college student studying childhood education.
I have a 4 year old son.
Got 3 part time jobs.
I'm killin em, hit the fire on these bitches one time.
-NYSE-G / Playboy17
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3 weeks ago
Moved a coupl'a times. Took trips. Got murried. Went to school for Architecture. Had two little girls.

S'bout it.
3 weeks ago
Got married, had a couple of kids, still talking crap, became a work a holic........das all
2 weeks ago
Just been coolin'. Fatherhood. Creative life. The usual. Came through to say "what's up" to a few people, then probably deleting this joint lol.
2 weeks ago
Welp I used to be a major CS trolled lol. I was what? 20? 21? Living care free. Hacking and exposing and doing all that childish shit. Now I’m 31. 2 kids. Still living in mass. Engaged. And working full time as the marketing director of a family owned contractor. Life is good for me. 😬
2 weeks ago
Working and still have my front teeth and no children 👍🏾